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  • FREE Battery Test

    With all the computers, networks and technology fited to modern cars, the car battery has never been so important.

    When carrying out an electrical diagnostic checks to a vehicle the first thing we do is check the health and condition of the battery. We also carry out this check as part of every service we do.

    Until recently, there have been a number of standards used throughout Europe to identify battery performance and specification. Withing the UK itself we use a variety, such as BBMS, DIN, IEC, SAE and EN, all of which have different test conditions and criteria. This inevitably leads to confusion and misunderstanding when testing a battery

    Luckily we use the Bosch BAT 131 and the Midtronics MDX-300 Series battery testers. Both of these battery testers are the benchmark in battery testing, and are designed for testing all types of 6V and 12V starter batteries including lead-acid, gel and fleece batteries/AGM.

    If you are unsure of the condition of your car battery call in today for a FREE battery test. We provide a print out of the results and can also supply batteries from the leading suppliers including Bosch, Varta and Yuasa

    Free Battery test SkiptonFREE Battery test Skipton